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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Strategy & Tactics; Keys To Networking Most Effectively

28 Sep

163749813Surprisingly, few of us show up at networking events with much of a plan.

“Hey, Rib, pass me over the salt and pepper”, my friend whispered, trying not to disrupt things as a colleague stood 10 feet away at the podium, giving a five-minute talk as the major sponsor of the Chamber breakfast. We were all seated, 8 per table, in this all too familiar scenario that was a well-intentioned forum for learning more about each other.

The problem with it is that this kind of information gathering isn’t always as effective as it could be. There is only so much you can get from just showing up to see what drops in your lap.  But, if you have a plan in place, if you really know what you’re doing…that’s a different story altogether. Read the rest of this entry »

The Path To The Right Connections

22 Sep

180432030When building a client-contact-referral base, the shortest distance might not be the most advantageous.

I have always loved stories that involved travel and especially those situations where taking the road less traveled was rich with potential dangers as well as opportunities to see things not expected.  The old “On The Road” stories by Charles Kuralt were like that; a chance to go and explore and see what treasures awaited. The stories always entertained and even enlightened and I was grateful for the opportunity to travel vicariously with the story.

In business, we sometimes get caught up in going after potential clients with a fervent objective to land an order. It is a proverbial ‘straight line’  to satisfy the needs for sales in order to keep our jobs.  Just put numbers on the board and move on. Oftentimes, however, the longer road is rich with opportunities. Read the rest of this entry »

When Times Were Less Frenetic

22 Sep

Keeping Our Eyes Open To Opportunities

For the past several months, we’ve been visited by a Prairie Falcon, much like this one. He comes, he sits, he preens himself and dodges the blackbirds that object to his presence.

We decided to look it up and, apparently, a visit from a majestic bird such as this is a sign that we should be observant and ever diligently aware of everything going on around us.

Read the rest of this entry »

Can You Ever Stop Promoting?

27 Aug

Fowlerton and Coca ColaIf you need to stay in front of your client in order to stay in business, the answer should be obvious.

In the picture you will see at least four signs for one particular beverage company and then one sign for the competing beverage company.  This picture was taken many years ago in a very small town where my brothers and I attended grade school. (Credit to Phil Sicks and his Fairmount FB Page)  The buildings may be a bit worn, but the signs all seem to be holding up quite well.  And, the ratio of how many signs are up between the two competing companies is probably relative to the size of those two companies today. Read the rest of this entry »

Company Coming Over? Best Behavior Required?

25 Aug

Penguin Mom, Dad, KidsGive your ‘best’ self to every client & every connection-no exceptions.

Where I grew up, the three meals of the day are Breakfast, Dinner and Supper. So, when our parents announced we would be having company over for ‘Sunday Dinner’, my brothers and I knew if we pulled together and did what extra chores were needed, we were in for a heck of a meal.

The ‘company’ good plates and silverware came out. The dining room table was extended. The ‘special napkins’ were in order (the real cloth ones we had to learn to fold a certain way). The same for the ‘special glasses’ that had to be hand washed. A flurry of activity erupted as in a Disney fantasy movie while great smells from the kitchen wafted throughout the farmhouse. Read the rest of this entry »