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Monday, August 26, 2019

Can You Ever Stop Promoting?

27 Aug

Fowlerton and Coca ColaIf you need to stay in front of your client in order to stay in business, the answer should be obvious.

In the picture you will see at least four signs for one particular beverage company and then one sign for the competing beverage company.  This picture was taken many years ago in a very small town where my brothers and I attended grade school. (Credit to Phil Sicks and his Fairmount FB Page)  The buildings may be a bit worn, but the signs all seem to be holding up quite well.  And, the ratio of how many signs are up between the two competing companies is probably relative to the size of those two companies today.

In consulting with many smaller companies over the years, the conundrum has always been the same thing: when business is good, small companies will do some advertising and promotion but they will do it almost as a necessary evil  because business is flowing and everything is just fine, thank you.

Then, when business starts to fall off and competitors start to capture more market share, those same companies will ask for help in boosting back their marketing and promotion but will do so with a whine because business is falling off and they don’t have much money to spend on marketing, advertising and promotion.

It is a constant revolving door, at least to me.  Spend more when business is going well vs spending more when business is falling off.  What is the logic to that, you ask.  Spend more when business has slowed down makes more logical sense, doesn’t it?  Yet, many companies continue to get it backwards.

The predominant beverage company shown above pushed hard into the marketplace.  They hung those signs and paid for them.  They stocked the counters.  They placed ads everywhere imaginable. (Have you ever traveled through the mid-west and seen whole barns painted with their famous brand on the roof?) In newspapers, in posters, magazines…they aggressively continue to remain in the forefront of their target audience and are constantly dreaming up new places for their Brand and Image to show up.

Think about that with your own personal Brand and Image. Think about it for your business.  Where are you showing up?  Are you budgeting for remaining aggressive in all kinds of weather? Are you aggressively attacking the marketplace with consistent messages that will continue to make your phone ring when people are choosing whether to go with you or your competitor?

Be true to your school.  Don’t skimp on the message that can make your phone and your cash register ring. Give your Marketing and Promotion budget more to work with consistently because most of your competition won’t go to those lengths, even though they should.

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