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Monday, August 26, 2019

Networking Training

Become a

‘Conscientious Connector’

          “You can have everything you want in life if you help enough other people get want they want.”    – Zig Ziglar

What is a ‘Conscientious Connector’?

A Conscientious Connector is my term for someone who is genuinely interested, first and foremost, in helping others be successful. It is an attitude that puts others first, that says everyone matters, and it recognizes the enormous need we have for more success stories. The more success stories we can create, across the board, the better, because success breeds more success and everyone wins in that process.

Instead of ‘surface-connecting’ just long enough to compartmentalize everyone you don’t think you need, which is typically the way networking is done, the Conscientious Connector cannot wait to find out who is out there and how to help them, encourage them and refer them to others. The Conscientious Connector doesn’t worry so much about reciprocation, because he/she knows that good will come from helping others first, and it will come in various forms, whether that is in a referral down the road or perhaps simply a remark that is made in a favorable way about you that pays off in some form or fashion.

        Systematically, your ‘pipeline of new opportunities’ continues to be replenished.  You work one opportunity while more opportunities are in the works. The phone rings with yet another referral asking you for help.  This kind of perpetual motion continues while you are working, while you are on vacation or attending to any number of other needs.  It just keeps coming your way because you have a foundational system in place that you continually nurture.  You have your personal pipeline of connections, contacts, referral partners and supercharged associates who continue to feed you new opportunities even when it seems to others there is no business to be found.  When you have reached this level, everyone wants to help you be successful because you have already demonstrated that you care about others’ successes just as much as your own and you stay true to this systematic approach. Reciprocation is not your first concern. Rather, you understand the need for and the greater good that can emanate from this philosophy. Whether you are in sales or in another profession, you continue to be rewarded the first shot at opportunities because people want to help you be successful. It’s all because you put others first by staying true to a system.

Your listening skills improve immensely because you are listening now far more than speaking. You’re seeing pieces of the puzzle more clearly now; ways to connect people to others they would not otherwise ever meet. It feels good and your reputation continues to build. You marvel at how this change in your approach continues to be the easiest, most rewarding activity.

You’ve learned and now you are systematic. Now, you are a Master Relationship-Building Networker.

Isn’t that the ultimate outcome we all want?  We are already working hard out there but maybe not as smart as we could. Not surprisingly, some of us think we already know a lot about communicating with others simply because we have friends. We believe that all we have to do is smile and the right people will show up to deliver to us what we want and need.

The Systematic Approach That Changes Everything

Conscientiously Connecting is about Relationship-Building as a systematic approach that changes everything. Many of us consider ‘networking’ as the necessary evil that we all must do, as though it is a necessary evil we must endure, we must change that into something that is so rewarding for us and for those we meet that we cannot wait to do it again.  This will require learning a new way to look at the world by going deeper into the study and consideration of where your target market might be and, more importantly, who else in your experience might be out there and quite capable of leading you to them.  The only way you can be certain that you do not miss opportunities is to have a systematic approach to all this.

I share my experiences coming from the trenches, from becoming an expert in cold-calling to spending over 30 years helping companies and individuals with their promotional marketing needs. I also reference many examples of how to capture more market-share, how to understand the role of personal branding in all this, how to become ‘slightly famous’ in one’s field of expertise and much more.

A Note About Competition

This training provides you the tools that will enable you to cast a wide, intelligent net of connections that will make your competition wonder how you get to opportunities before they know about them.  It has become increasingly important that you have every advantage in your quest to go after more business. This will come from a systematic approach to how you meet people and how you go about making those connections pay off.

Before sales can happen, before promotions can be secured or new positions with new companies granted, relationships must form. Before referrals can happen, before the best connections can show up, you have to systematically dissect who is out there that can help influence the right people so you can finding them. You need to have a consistent approach that gives others plenty of reasons to think of you, first.

We take Zig Ziglar’s famous quote very seriously and build upon the fact that in order for people to want to recommend you to others, you will need to put them first.

Once you put other people first and start utilizing what this training gives you for tools, you no longer have competitors. Yes, there are still companies out there with whom you compete for market-share, but the difference starts to be that people who have met you see you as someone different, better, more valuable to have a relationship with because you are also helping them, too.  That difference in working with you can oftentimes mean the difference as to who gets the business. This training is that important and valuable.

Imagine a network of other professionals who continue to recommend you and bring you to their contacts.  Your net continues to grow wider and you become a ‘Connector’, not just one more person who does what you do, but who is respected by others as being a couple of notches better than your competitors because you are also a connector. See the difference?

First, think about how this training will improve your life and your career. 

Next, connect with me on LinkedIn and let’s change your life.



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