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Monday, August 26, 2019

StandOut Strategies

“If you don’t Stand Out, how will they know you’re there?”


 Gaye Kruger

StandOut Marketing Strategies

Consultants Who Help You

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Our Experience: I am proud to tell you I have over 30 years of experience in promotional marketing with a uniqueness few can claim; My first career was as a highly trained Actor, Singer, Dancer & now Director. What this means is that I understand  “presentation” better than most.

If you know what separates you from your competition, that’s the first step. The second and third and fourth steps after that are even more critical, because they have to do with “presenting” you and your business in a consistent way that stands out from the competition, on-going.

Your Desired Outcome: Whether you are simply extending your Brand and Image in the marketplace or launching a new product, whether you are attending a trade show and you want people to want to come to your booth first, we will develop with you a strategy and set of tactics to make that happen. So, what is it you truly want to see happen, here?

Your Budget: If you know how much you have budgeted to get the desired outcome accomplished, we can work from that point in coming up with several ways to get there.  If your budget is not figured out yet, it makes it more challenging for everyone.  Often, however, we can hit the budget you give us but also show you what else is possible and, as a result, you sometimes will want to adjust your budget because the methodology we designed might cost a little more but is going to help really make the impact you are looking for.  In other words, we are on your team, so as we go, we work with you in developing what will make sense and hit the budget you can live with.

Our Resources: We have enormous resources of talented, professional companies we have worked with. We have decades of experience.  We have the direct line to CEO’s of those companies that support us supporting you. We have a stellar reputation for not only being incredibly creative, but also a heck of a lot of fun to work with.  It is, as the saying goes, how we roll. Why not have fun helping our clients be more successful, right?

If you know what separates you from your competition, we make sure your target market knows you, remembers you and calls you, first.

Generally speaking, there are seven areas of a company’s marketing and promotional efforts, noted below, that tend to need help at one time or another. Not everything is necessarily needed at the same time, but help will be there when you need it.

  • Branding/Logo Design/Image Consulting Do you have a Logo, a Brand you are happy with? Does your Brand and Image show up consistently perfect in every medium?  Coca-Cola is the most recognizable Brand in the world for a reason: It is one specific color, always, no matter where you see it around the world and that Brand shows up consistently perfect.  Does yours? Do you need Logo help? Do you need a Style Guide to ensure your branding looks perfect in all the various mediums?
  • Brand Promotion, Consistently From your Brochures to Promotional giveaways, from the signs to the stationery, your Brand and Image sells you in a positive light, or not, 24/7 and whether you are there or not. Whatever you do and wherever you ‘show up’, your Brand and Image needs to be consistently perfect and it needs to keep showing up in the best possible light.  We care about such things.  No, we are actually more than just caring about such things; we are fanatics about it. We’ll help prepare printed materials, promotional items, everything your logo is placed upon, from giveaways to trade show booths. It’s that important.
  • Trade Show & Special Events Strategy, TacticsThere are three parts to exhibiting at any trade show or special event. There’s a pre-show strategy to get the right target market to show up at the show, a show strategy that gets the most attention for your company’s products and services and a post-show strategy that ensures you make sales and capture more market-share in the process. You need all three to be consistently perfect and we will see to that with you.
  • Incentive Programs That Reward, Encourage & PromoteIf you have employees you have an opportunity to reward them for great service, less sick-days, safety on the job, staying healthy, finding you more business referrals, taking care of customers, supporting a cause…there are many programs we can develop and, overall, they pay for themselves in increased productivity and savings to the company. This is a no-brainer.
  • Awards & RecognitionEveryone loves to be recognized but if they have been recognized with standard award vehicles for a long time, the program is becoming stale. We will help with showing you new ways to reward that will spark a desire by others to also want to participate in that, too, and the company wins. Everyone, in fact, wins.
  • Websites & Social Media Marketing (SMM)Do you need a website?  Do you need a new website because the old one isn’t fresh anymore? Is the website doing all it can for you? We will help you make the most of the effectiveness of your web presence, an increasingly important aspect of your overall image. We work with the best of the best, Big Chief Creative, hand-in-hand, to ensure your website and all your social media are getting all the on-going, positive attention you deserve and have worked so hard to attain.
  • Field Target Marketing-Training This unique training will help you and your entire company know many ways to keep your pipeline of warm referrals and strategic partners going; what to do, what to say, how to ask questions, how to follow up, how to identify your target market, how to make all that hard work truly pay off. There are courses for your sales force and also for your sales support teams, too.

For a free 30 minute conversation over the phone, email me directly or fill in the contact information below and we will give you a call and arrange that with you to explore how we may help! 


Clients: Universal Studios Hollywood, Mattel, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Anthem Blue Cross, WB, First Rate Financial, Prospect Mortgage, NKSF Accountancy, Accurate Business Results, Anaheim Hills Tile, Universal Florida, J & K Fresh, The Dependable Companies, Aston Marketing Group, Merchant Solutions IQ, Timeshare Relief, Regeneca Corporation, Big Chief Creative, Vitalicious, SMG Stone, Big Media USA, California Concierge, Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce,

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