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Monday, August 26, 2019

The Path To The Right Connections

22 Sep

180432030When building a client-contact-referral base, the shortest distance might not be the most advantageous.

I have always loved stories that involved travel and especially those situations where taking the road less traveled was rich with potential dangers as well as opportunities to see things not expected.  The old “On The Road” stories by Charles Kuralt were like that; a chance to go and explore and see what treasures awaited. The stories always entertained and even enlightened and I was grateful for the opportunity to travel vicariously with the story.

In business, we sometimes get caught up in going after potential clients with a fervent objective to land an order. It is a proverbial ‘straight line’  to satisfy the needs for sales in order to keep our jobs.  Just put numbers on the board and move on. Oftentimes, however, the longer road is rich with opportunities.

For example, think back to the last time you were on a weekend drive out in the country and you came to a fork in the road that offered you a choice. You could go left, the direction you are familiar with that will take you where you already know what lies ahead.  From a business standpoint, this might represent a path you have taken before, a path that, for this story, is already well-worn with your competitors who also travel it just like you.  It represents the familiar, the safe, the path of least resistance to what you want to accomplish.  It is, perhaps, the most logical choice to make.

However, you have never gone to the right before at this intersection.  Perhaps you will meet new people who might be in different industries that have no apparent association to your own whatsoever.  It could be a total dead end.  It could be a waste of your time and energy.  It could be something that doesn’t pay off for you in the short term. And, it just might be a turn that will produce for you new connections to more connections you are looking for, because everyone knows someone who might need what you sell.

What will you do? You have a decision to make. Will you stay with the left turn or do you risk travel and time to possibly gain even bigger contacts and references to the right? Have you thought about it?

“You can’t get to second base with your foot still on first.”                                                                                Yogi Berra

The risks and rewards out there in business as well as our own personal careers will continue to be measured against conventional ways of doing things.  If every one of your competitors is traveling down the same road as you, trying to go after the same target market as you and generally jamming up the highway with a furor of dust and little else, you stand a very good chance of being lost in the crowd.

Consider going somewhere else, by yourself. Same target, perhaps, but arrive in a different colored car.

There is a strategy required for segmenting yourself away from your competition.  It is a system and when you start adopting it and adapting to it, you will be amazed at how your eyesight for things you didn’t see before comes into focus and you start to hear in a different way the opportunities that have been talked about right in front of you the whole time.

Yeah. There’s a strategy for that. Try taking the road less traveled and see what happens. I’m betting on you and the people you will meet along the way.

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